Gondola to Connect to Private Resort

The proposed gondola would run straight out the granite ridge on the right side of this photo. Most of that granite ridge, down to about the middle of the photo, is still designated to be part of the Granite Chief Wilderness Area to buffer/protect the Five Lakes (located to the immediate right of this photo). The gondola would cut through this wilderness area (contrary to the intent of the federal designation) and permanently impact the Five Lakes Basin and the Five Lakes Trail. AND….Now, a proposal is in the County to seek approval to build, in the center of this photo: 38 private homes, tennis courts, stables, parking for 152 cars (with parking garage), a lodge. AND another private chair for the resort to connect to the gondola at a highly sensitive and unique location, to then carry skiers to the top of Lake Estelle.  Five Lakes Trail the developer would like to move, to achieve more exclusivity for the resort folks.

Let’s help the county and the Forest Service undertake a thorough and meaningful environmental and social review of these developments, as these proposals (if approved) would impact all residents, visitors, skiers, hikers, photographers, birders, naturalists, the wildlife, PCT users and all future generations. Public meetings on the gondola may occur this spring 92016). The resort/parking garage/tennis and chairlift timing (for public meetings) may be a little later.

Please support our efforts to bring the attention and hard questions to the agencies responsible for meaningful review and assessment of these proposals. Support Protect Granite Chief through your donation or contact us for volunteer help.

A Wilderness is a terrible place to ruin.


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