Who We Are

The Granite Chief Wilderness Protection League (GCWPL) is based at Resource Renewal Institute in California, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to protecting the Public Trust and the associated public natural resource assets. The GCWPL is a member-based organization focused on  Granite Chief Wilderness Area protections in accordance with federal and state law.

The Advisory Board of the GCWPL includes:

Huey Johnson– Founder Resource Renewal Institute; founder Trust for Public Lands; original Western States Director, The Nature Conservancy; past Secretary for Natural Resources, California. Consummated the original conservation/protection action for Five Lakes.

Patricia Schifferle– Practicing natural resources consultant in Truckee, CA (Pacific Advocates) with expertise in federal and state wilderness areas, water, Public Trust and land conservation. A former Regional Director for The Wilderness Society; Principle Consultant for Resources for the Speaker of the California State Legislature; Principle Consultant for the Assembly Office of Research; and author of publications regarding natural resources, water supply and water quality issues. She is a long-time property owner and resident of Nevada County.

Daniel Heagerty– Over 40 years of experience with federal and state environmental policy re: biological conservation, water resources, ecosystem restoration, federal lands management and Public Trust protections throughout the Western U.S. He has served on  local, state and national boards concerning natural resource conservation, endangered species and land and water protection. He started hiking Five Lakes Trail and Granite Chief in the early 1960’s, when the family cabin was built in Alpine Meadows.


2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. As soon as the Gondola is approved across Granite Chief is allowed, that’s the only connection the Ski Resorts need to have the gondola continue to Twin Peaks, Barker Pass and then Ellis Peak to Homewood Mtn Resort. They’ve been trying for years. As great of a skiing adventure as it may become, it will come at a great cost of disturbance of back country hiking and snow shoeing and so many adventure parks. Homewood Mtn Resort is placing on the North side, the Mid-Mountain Chalet which we know will have the finest restaurant open winter/summer for a great adventure experience. Then you can ski from Squaw to HMR, I can just imagine all the adventure parks that they could develop. What happened to John Muir’s way of love of the enviroment. It will destroy what is precious about Lake Tahoe just for the few to make billions. This cannot be allowed!

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